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It is with sadness that the world of graffiti received the news of the death of von Sigi aka Dare Koedinger, one of the best and most respected graffiti writers of all time.

In the past few days we can watch in the entire Internet words of comfort for his family and friends, from all over the world.

Despite never having meet him personally is through some videos that my knowledge abou Dare was found as a writer and person, which leads me to think Dare is an example to follow.

Dare will be immortalized through their wildstyle which can be seen on walls, pictures, books, magazines and videos that are all over the world.

Rest in Peace

I Love Graffiti- Dare Special


Carhartt Gallery (Weil/Rhein/Germany) from Molotow on Vimeo.

5.Freies Projekt 07.03.2010 R.I.P. – Dare.TWS from Finitivus (Steven Resch) on Vimeo.

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