Monthly Archives: October 2012

REunion Day !! from BRUS on Vimeo.

Part of a wall with : Trun-Smug-Hero-Tiws-Chas-Twesh-Ogre and Soten !!!

A way to say hello to a friend who is no longer with us, rest in peace green skull!

” I miss my friends there, I miss my city … I hope to see you soon “

BRUS per Outdoor 2012 from BRUS on Vimeo.

A short movie from a spray can´s perspective was made late summer in Stockholm together with Dekis, Cake & Kaos … [more]

Inkfetish – ‘Imaginary Friends’ from four-eyes-good on Vimeo.

KIDULT ” Visual Dictatorship” from misery on Vimeo.