Monthly Archives: April 2012

my man wok support the fans of local soccer club „dynamo dresden“ with this HUGE banner…. nice!

oh my fuckin god… what the hell is going on in LEIZIG??? crazy dudes…

cool day with beat in cologne, going over disrespectful toys… i hate it

19. mai!!!!! STYLESCOUTS meets COLOGNE!!! WORDLS BEST GRAFFITI WORKSHOP mit Hombre SUK und KidCrow im DEDICATED STORE COLOGNE!!! jetzt anmelden … [more]

some more nightshots from jupiter at „Alte Feuerwache Cologne“ check his profile on streetfiles streetfiles – link

love it

brennpunkt jam 2012 – leverkusen letterconcept – rogue, plaque, mero, tran, sync, term, zs… nice day!

great weekend with ma man wok, blaze and more cool guys

some „plaque“ sketches of really cool guys – thanks alot NEMO CABER TWIK DATER SEMOR PAS

found some flics of this guy on streetfiles… like the clean look