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HI OUTTA KONSTANZ GERMANY…where i live and study since march 2009.

I arrived yesterday here at ma barrio and today i want show ya some pics from my travels to zurich at the mos – my first wall in Konstanz – and my 4 dayz trip to NETHERLAND! VENLO, MAASTRICHT, SITTARD and EINDHOVEN were the stops which i had great and colorful dayz.

LETS START WITH A FAST VIEW FROM ZÜRICH here just a detail part from me and DOME..peace goes out to Cruze, Nychos, Alejandro, Dome, Biser, Fanta and all other nice people i hang around there!

BACK TO KONSTANZ, WHERE MA MAN JEROO AND SYME VISITED ME ON THURSDAY…we painted at the new hall of fame there. Iam really happy like a child to have a new opened hall of fame here next to mine…nice surface and close to the rhine river – WOW! Me and Jeroo finished the background on Friday morning – and so i could took the train to…

…Venlo on friday afternoon. Arrived there before midnight, ma man Chas hooked me up at his nice Place and we spent the rest of the night with some cold beers at the beach club next to chas´s house! Next morning; 8 o´clock we drove to Maastricht to meet NASH and DOES at the Hall which were at a harpor. Really nice place for making some great Photos. And because Sirum from Australia missed his train this wall turned out to be a LoveLetters wall only by Chas, Nash, Does and me. After Sirum arrived in Netherland…

….we decide to make a wall in Eindhoven togheter! I spent the night in Sittard at Nash´s Place and visited ma man TUMKI and had a really nice time togheter also with him and Nash´s girlfriend…THHXXX for da good Vibes mates!

Also during this poduction it pointed out that i had to do „again“ the Background for all…normally i always try to paint slowly but – i can´t do it and so i am the first who starts play with some effects in the background…but this time ma man does helped me out – thanxfully..and we could finsish the walls quicker as normally!

At least i hope you will like the new stuff which we did! I want publish the pictures soon at my webside which iam actually redesigning, so watch out for this 😉

Big Shoot outs goes to BIG MASTER NASH (next week umcoming blog entry), CHAS, DOES, SIRUM, RAY, JEROO, SYME, MR.POLLO, MACS, VITTORIO, MRFJODOR, ONEM, NORMA, CREME, DISKO, NILS MÜLLER, MGB Guyz – shit i missed your call bro, CRUZE, DARE, TOAST, LECKOMIO, DOME, BISER, SOTEN next time togheter in Stuggi, TIWS , KACAO77, OMSK, TAKE2…and all the other guyz which i spend and had FUNNY FUNNNY TIME during the last weeks – ONE LOVE to ya all!

My flight next week 2 VIENNA is booked for now…from there on i will move to KOSICE where iam invited for a Festival with HONET, STAK and more but until there…keep still watching here to my blog and one love to all!



Posted: 5. August 2009  Posted By: Rusl