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…some detail shizzl outta last year Oktober 2011, check more detail and style close ups and video HERE, here, here … [more]

good names, good cars, good times, good pieces, good german steel train history… via

Lyrical prowess at it’s best!!!!

INTERVIEW with OUTLINE MAGAZINE, Slovakia – 1. When did you start with graffiti? Please tell us something about your beginning! … [more]

I have seen some pretty amazing 3D mapping projections lately, but this one is fucking good and I really like … [more]

YO FOLKS!!!!! …from now on i will start my STYLE HISTORY blog entrie series, in order to keep the rooots … [more]

whats up folks? its so crazy cold outside here in germany. a good reason to stay at the studio and … [more]

Nice job dudes! ‎“The anatomy of mother bear giving birth“ Nychos and FlyingFortress in Vienna Part 1 from bone2ART on … [more]