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HISTORY | part1 | COWBOY69


…from now on i will start my STYLE HISTORY blog entrie series, in order to keep the rooots alive. 12 months 12 historical writer from germany. My first post is dedicated to a class historical writer from Germany which inspired me and influenced also maaaannyyy other style addcits outta there…TIME FOR SOME EDUCATION… enjoooooyyy…

PART 1 – COWBOY 69 (ABCrew) from MUNIH, Germany.

See part2 with Kane, TPM | Heidelberg
See part3 with Amok156 | Berlin

This “German Graffiti History” blog series is used purely as an information for younger generations and about my personal favorites writers i was looking up – and still do. It does not purport to be complete. I just want to give a insight about my point of view of some writerz i´ve been inspired and addicted to see their works much more. Nice that you great guyz still exist! Much love and respect. Rusl – Loveletters,  February 2012

Posted: 9. Februar 2012  Posted By: Rusl