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ouuuweeeee alot of nice known faces on that one :)))


MONOKROME Book flip through BUY MONOKROME Book here: Trailer: Here’s the full line up in alphabetical order: ALERT … [more]

LA GRANDE SCHMIERÂGE 3 BIGGEST GRAFFITIMEETING SOUTHGERMANY – Was sich hinter dem mehrtägigen Event verbirgt, ist eine Vernetzung der … [more]

Some of you B-Boyz n B-Girlz will know that sound for sure… Here the live version: here the album instrumental … [more]

got mail last week from Grib – nice gesture man. THX for this!

…is fresh! via

check more funky stuff outta STUGGI TOWN here

My man Desk7 asked me for a sketch done in my handstyle. Last week i got a email from him … [more]