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Danish graffiti 1984-2013 at Kunsten Aalborg

Words from Kunsten:
Works by more than 100 graffiti artists take visitors on a journey through 30 years of Danish graffiti.
The exhibition will present canvases, walls, books, photos and even toy trains, but will also venture out into the city itself, where several of the artists will conduct workshops and create permanent artworks together with children and young people. The exhibition spotlights an artistic genre, which for many children and young people represents an introduction to art in general, and is a legitimate platform for creative expression.
The exhibition will also focus on how this totally unique art form has become more and more refined and multi-facetted over the last 30 years. Like rap music and other areas of “street” culture, graffiti has become a part of our everyday lives. It breaks down barriers and makes room for a culture, which is not reserved for an elite, but reaches out to every level of society.

more photos HERE

Posted: 26. March 2013  Posted By: soten