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Tahiti graffiti festival

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In the framework of the first international festival of graffiti taking place in Papeete, Tahiti New Generation organizes an international graffiti contest named: ONO’U Battle. It will be held on 10 and 11 May 2014 in Papeete on the Place Toata.

The organizing committee recalls that the 16 international invited guest artists of the ONO’U festival (presented under the tab “Artists” ) will realize many performances in front the public but will not participate in the contest.

International candidates selected to compete the finals in Papeete will be offered accommodation and catering in Tahiti for six days, from 7 to 12 May, 2014.

A significant discount on the regular flight fare to Tahiti will be offered to selected candidates flying with Air Tahiti Nui, official sponsor of the festival.
(Check cities of departure and regular fares here:

Registration details

The registration of the international graffiti competition will be open from 30 November 2013 to 14 February 2014, midnight (Tahiti time).
Except for special cases, applications must be exclusively sent online (see below).

To register applicants must meet the following criteria:

Aged between 18 and 38 years old at the time of your application
Be available to travel to Tahiti from 7 to 12 May 2014 in order to participate in the playoffs and final phases of competition
Practice graffiti as a form of art (amateur and professional accepted)
Be able to create an art piece exclusively made with aerosol/spray paint (regardless of brands).

Sign up HERE


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Silversurfing 2013

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After a year of hectic travels and painting all over the world, I ended the year back in Denmark. The Danish winter is not a season for full color productions, so its good to have some indoor spots to retreat to, one could call them laboratories. I have a could of labs and one I like to visit every year is located south of Copenhagen. Together with Tiws we have painted a couple of walls here in past winter seasons and now it was time to refresh one after a big skateboard ramp was built over parts of it. Labs are places of experiments, so we decided to try the classic pieces-floating-in-space scenario, but give it a visual twist. I dug up some old Jack Kirby comics and used them as a foundation for the background, and painted an oldschool Silver Surfer in the middle, and after two days in the freezing cold skate spot, the production was completed.
Merry Xmas and seasons greetings to everyone!

More photos on Molotow`s website

Last of 2013

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ONO’U 2014

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did this piece a couple of weeks ago as a part of my participation in the ONO’U graffiti festival on Tahiti

More info through the website and FB page

Art Basel/ Miami 2013

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Together with Tiws I left the cold and dark winter in Copenhagen and hopped on a flight to Miami, Florida for the worlds biggest art fair, the annual Art Basel Miami event that brings together artists and art lovers from all over the world. Miami is a great place, full of cool people, crazy architecture and great weather. In the area of Wynwood, there is graffiti, streetart and murals everywhere and its helping to change the local neighborhood from ghetto to hipster central. It was here I would spend the following week painting a handfull of big walls, meeting artists from all over the world and drinking coffee at the Panther coffeeshop. Molotow had been so kind to send me a bunch of Premium spraycans, so all we needed were some walls where we could put them to use! We hooked up with the local writers Eskay, Dar and Trek6 for the first wall in the center of Wynwood, and after a few days with both nice summer, crazy rainstorms and funny blockparties we finished a dragon themed production. For the next wall, we took the next house on the street and teamed up with my crewmate Brus from Rome and 3 guys from New York, Hoacs, Mast and Vor138 for an colorful megamix of styles. After drawing straws for spots, I got the round corner of the Art Deco inspired building and did a big Phantom Blot character overseeing my piece. But we hadn’t had enough yet, and while many other writers where searching for walls to paint in the area, we quickly moved on to the outside wall of the RC Cola factory where Ino from Greece, alongside Rath, Preys and Tubs already where painting. I did a nice production wall here with Brus and Tiws. In the middle of painting it, me and Tiws went down the street and did a big chrome wall with oldschool Miami writer Echo that had flown in from LA to meet us. Great and busy times! After that it was also time to enjoy Miami, so I went to a bunch of different art fairs and saw a lot of great art, its really crazy how big this whole Art Basel Miami event really is. And after a few parties and trips to the beach it was time to leave Miami and go on a well deserved holiday. Greetings to everyone I met in Miami, I hope to come back again and paint more, thank you to Molotow for the spraypaint support! Have a nice Xmas everyone!









More photos at Molotow blog

Three the hard way

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Sydhavns Hall Of Fame - Golden Boys - Soten Tiws - walls - 2013 - joiner stitch combiner - stor


tiws soten - golden boys - mint bronze wall - sydhavns hall of fame - uden endevægge - lysere - web

Photoscredit: Fonzi74 and Martin Håkan /


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Copenhagen was once the home of a world famous brewery, Carlsberg. In recent years, Carlsberg has moved their production of beer and sodas out of Copenhagen and left a whole neighborhood in west Copenhagen empty. This area is going through a transformation, out with production, in with creatives, businesses and sports, later comes residents. In one of the giant warehouses that was once used for empty beer bottles is now an area for street sports. Together with Tiws we got two giant walls in there, each about 120 square meters, where we could do anything we wanted. We brought in the paint gun and gave the walls a layer of white, then a layer of bright and fresh colors. I went for a hot background in pink and yellow and Tiws went for a colder background in blue, black and green. Then it was time to do some giant spraypaint styles on top. Tiws was joined by Reks FSC who did some flying eyeballs, and I did a number of throwups for some of my close painting friends around the world. In the end the two massive walls was finished side by side, but very different and they have now transformed the whole warehouse into a much more street feeling location. After the walls where done, the warehouse was used for the Copenhagen Street Festival and the Mayor of Culture of Copenhagen, Pia Allerslev came by and gave the opening speech in front of my giant wall.

Photos by Tiws, GBCrates and myself.


























IMG_7992 - lars, henrik, søren, bobbelhallen carlsberg - paint gun jammin + kontrast- flickr



















Bobbelhals grit in-progress stitch - flickr



IMG_8181 - boblehallen 2013 - tiws soten reks - signatures - flickr


IMG_8188 - boblehallen carlsberg - reks charachter design - reks - tiws soten - details - 2013 - flickr


IMG_8197 - boblehallen carlsberg - 2013 - reks charachter design - tiws soten - details - flickr


TIWS SOTEN - Bobbelhal Carlsberg - stitch combiner joiner panorama - flickr



IMG_8355 - bobbelhallen carlsberg 2013 - tiws soten reks - soten wall væg finished - crew - details - flickr


IMG_8359 - bobbbelhallen carlsberg 2013 - tiws soten reks - soten wall væg finished - flickr


IMG_8365 - bobbelhallen 2013 - tiws soten reks - soten wall væg finished - stor NY


bobblehallen carlsberg 2013 - soten stitch - tiws soten - vall væg - stitch - stor




Cph Golden Boys

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The painting season of 2013 here in Copenhagen is coming to an end and its time to squeeze the last pieces out before winter sets in. So Tiws and I went out to do a big gold blockbuster wall at the Sydhavnen Hall of Fame in Copenhagen which will soon be demolished. It gets dark pretty early by now, so we had to work fast and efficient and in the end we finished just as darkness was falling.

Photos by Tiws, GBCrates and myself.







IMG_8417 - sydhavn hall of fame 2013 - soten tiws - action - evening sun - flickr



IMG_8418 - soten tiws golden boys 2013 - sydhavns hall of fame - in-progres action - flickr



Untitled_Panorama1 - sydhavns hall of fame - tiws soten - golden boys - in-progress - action - stitch combiner joiner - flickr