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Abyss x Spray Beast

What’s your name and where do you come from?

I won’t tell you my real name but I write ABYSS and I’m from the K-Line in Stockholm, Sweden.

How long have you been painting and how did you get in to it?

I started to take pictures off graffiti and sketch as early as -89 but I didn’t do my first piece until -96. My best friend in school’s older brother was a famous train writer at the time and he made us really curious about this fantastic and mysterious subculture.

Your recent stuff is really nice, I think you have a really original style as well as having sick letters. Do you think people are putting enough effort in to there letter forms these days or that the focus has shifted to painting techniques?

Thank you. I definitely think that too many people are focusing only on technique and effects. That makes their paintings completely meaningless and boring. For me the shape of the letter has always come first. You can have perfect technique and make 1000 of effects to hide your style but I will not turn my head if the letters aren’t dope. People should care more about style in general.

Your backgrounds and characters are crazy, especially the more cartoony stuff, where does this stuff come from!?

Well, I got different influences. Sometimes I just bite a character from books with old advertisements or from a comic book. But foremost i just freestyle them. It’s often girls with weapons or some kind of robots.

What’s the scene like in Sweden?

It feels pretty small compared to eg Germany. But given how few we are in this country, I think that we have succeeded in producing some very amazing and famous writers.

Right now there is a few really good writers and and a terrible amount of bad. There are no legal walls in Stockholm and a lot of guards, so if you want to paint undisturbed you have to find rather hidden places.

Tell me about your crew PUBB. There seems to be lots of nice stuff coming from you guys!

That is correct. PUBB CREW consists of about 10 friends of which about half are currently active. The main focus since its inception 10 years ago has been to drink beer, smoke weed, burn walls and at the same time having a really good time!

Any good chase stories or weird shit happening when out painting?

I actually never been caught running but once I got chased by the vandal squad and ran until I puked …

Any other writers you’re feeling at the moment?

Cazter -Not just at the moment but always.

3 of your favourite pieces of graffiti?

It’s really difficult to choose without being nostalgic, but I chose three writers who I think really got style:

Best thing you’ve ever found?

Don’t know. I’m still looking for Underground Productions magazine issue #5 -the only one I miss in my collection. If you got it, holler back!

Outside of graffiti what do you get up to?

Most of the time I work. When I don’t do that I try to hang out with my friends, taking a ride with my boat or drink some beers, I also like to be in my art studio and be creative. I love to travel, ride my bike and skateboard too.

3 things you couldn’t live with out?

Food, love and creativity

Any Hidden talents?

I can ride water-skis backwards

Favourite colour?

Favourite Letter? There is a lot of letters I like but I hate X,Q and J, It’s impossible to make them justice.

Nike or Adidas?

New Balance

Do you believe in ghosts?

I believe he lives in Copenhagen nowadays

Youtube me a good song

Great song, fucking amazing video!

Biggest gripe?

Do you mean what I complain about most? -3D-graffiti

You can grab one item from your burning house, what would it be?

My Macbook

If you could go back and see one concert/gig in history what would it be?

Roxette at the Swedish royal wedding last year.

A good piece of advice?

Never snitch! Snitches get stitches.

A bad piece of advice?

Skate and destroy.

Any shouts?

Shout outs and many thanks to all writers who somehow have set up with accommodation, food, paint or just showing me around or painted with me in their town. Peace to TRAMA, EGS, VAMP, NGLI, APLY, STAY-UP, 1DAL, SUPE, DIEGO, IMOS, GOREY, HORFE and last but not least Stefano and the other guys at SPECTRUM SHOP in Milan! Peace!

Posted: 18. April 2011  Posted By: admin