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Score x Spray Beast

Any one who checks spray beast reguarly will have seen lots of score stuff on here. I think he has one of the freshest styles too have immersed in the last few years. Each piece always has something very interesting going on with it and is always executed to perfection. For those reason we caught up with him and got some exclusive photos for your eye balls.

What’s your name and where do you come from?
I write the name Score and I’m from Germany.

How long have you been painting and how did you get in to it?

Actually it’s not a very exciting story…

I had first contacts with the community through writer Thilo, but I really started through Fence and Warz. That was in 2004.

I like the way you are experimenting with inverted shapes and colours, does that kind of stuff come naturally when you’re painting or is it all planned out?

Before painting I often just put together 3 colours that I like in combination, but mostly you eventually add a lot more colours to that. Somehow that seems a bit much at times, so I just left it with 3 colours. If you don’t want to use just one colour for Fillin and one for Background you’re left with the option to invert colours. The arrangement etc. is freestyle.

What is it like going to the states and painting on that huge wall (amongst other stuff) with Msk, Askew Etc… It looked like a very cool project to be involved with!

That wasn’t really a project; it came into being more by chance. But it was cool anyway. Nice guys, all of them!

Where do you want to ‚take‘ your graffiti over the next few years, it seems like you are very dedicated to painting.

I have no idea. I can only tell you what I have in mind for the next 3 weeks.

Has there been any main influence over your painting style in the last few months?

That’s not an easy question. The abundance of photos makes you lose track of where things come from. I think in first place there is my close environment, like Warz, Fence, Pekor… the city of Berlin. Also I’m thrilled from the stuff by Smash 137, Acit 79, Chintz, Rake and Moses.

What are your feelings on the ‚international‘ graffiti movement that is happening at the moment, with all the internet promotion, sponsorships and so on?

I don’t bemoan the past, you just have to adapt to new realities. There are always enough people who don’t only hang around on the internet but still go out and spray. I don’t have a problem with graffiti on the internet and sponsorships, as long as that runs correct.

Berlin seems to be one of the best places for painting i have visited, would you ever like to live any where else?

There really is a lot going on in Berlin… but you never know where the wind’s going to blow you. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in 5 years… I enjoy the moment.

Tell me about Blues crew?

Part of the crew since its beginning are Turbo, Fence, Rake, Warz, Doys, Pekor and me. We are all good friends living in different cities in Germany. I think we are all on the same wavelength, which is a good condition for having a good time. On the one hand we take graffiti relatively serious, but on the other hand we also often just get a lot of fun out of it.

Any good chase stories or weird shit happening when out painting?

Any other writers you’re feeling at the moment?

U.T., Roy, Osman, Rime, Roid, GFA

3 of your favourite pieces of graffiti? ( Please include photos)

not possible… but this ones are really nice:

Best thing you’ve ever found?

1 euro

If you didn’t do graffiti what would you do?

making money

Youtube me a good tune

A city you want to travel too?

Sao Paulo

3 things you couldn’t live with out?

Air, water, food

Any Hidden talents?

table soccer

Favourite colour?


Favourite Letter?


Nike or Adidas?


You can grab one item from your burning house, what would it be?

a thick wad of money to buy a new one :)

If you could go back and see one concert/gig in history what would it be?


A good piece of advice?

make what you want to make

A bad piece of advice?


Any shouts?

Blues Crew and all other nice people… lets have a good time together my friends…

Posted: 19. Mai 2011  Posted By: admin