Ye old spraycan

Posted: 31. Juli 2009  Posted By: twik

In the times before ready-made graffiti beginner’s kits, 400 colours and 50 different caps, writers had to be inventive. Back in the ’80s home made fatcaps, colour mixing and a constant search for proper writing tools was the order of the day.

Oldschool Copenhagen S-train map

Posted: 28. Juli 2009  Posted By: twik

A bit of digging in the archives brought out this semi-antique: A Copenhagen S-train map from the days of old.

Work in progress

Posted: 22. Juli 2009  Posted By: twik

We have loads of stuff to sort through. It’s a fun job, and we’re glad to do it. But we’re still open for contributions, so start digging and see if you have a photo gem stashed away somewhere.

More goodies

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Strike a pose

That magic yellow light


Posted: 14. Juli 2009  Posted By: twik

Our three-man team is working frantically on WIGTHFT these days, and we can already promise you a great book. This is your chance to shine and contribute to the project, but we need your images before August 15th, 2009 if we are to meet our deadline.
So do it now! Dig into your archive and send us your very best flicks along with some info about the pieces and a good story if you have one.
We need quality images, short comments and exciting stories relating to the old Copenhagen S-trains. Foreigners are more than welcome to pitch in. We cannot promise to use all or any of your material, but we can assure you that all contributions are greatly appreciated.
If you prefer not to send images via email, please contact us, and we’ll work out another solution.

Sneak peeks

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Will I Go To Hell For This

Posted: 22. Juni 2009  Posted By: admin

A new book is in the making about the old Copenhagen S-trains. The trains ran with graffiti on them from 1984 untill the last one was taken out of service in 2007 and scrapped. The trains were known and loved by the writers of Copenhagen and the rest of the world and have been missed ever since. Now a new book is coming out at the end of 2009, a tribute to the trains, the graffiti on them and the people who painted them. If you have cool photos or an interesting story, the authors would like to hear from you. Check the blog for the book here and email them to willigotohellforthis[at] (mehr …)

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