Its a beautiful book!

Posted: 11. Juni 2010  Posted By: lars

Andrea Caputo, the man who put the amazing All City Writers book together was in Copenhagen recently, here is a short interview by Bitchslap from Nørrebro. In the interview he also talks about the Danish scene and the new Will I Go To Hell For This book, which he calls „a beautiful book!“. Thanks Andrea! make sure you also check out the All City Writers book, its simply amazing…

Interview with Andrea Caputo from Bitchslap Media on Vimeo.

Available at Bombing Science

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The book is now available at Bombing Science in Canada, covering all of North America, get it here!

Available at Dedicated in Cologne

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Available at Zap Graffiti Arts in Liverpool

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Our friends at Zap Graffiti Arts has the book for sale, more info here!

Available at Louisiana

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The book is now available at the bookshop of Denmarks most famous artmuseum, Loiusiana in Humlebæk.

Praise from Bo Pee

Posted: 26. Mai 2010  Posted By: lars

Some really nice word about the book from Bo Pee:
So what do you do when all your friends got excuses (kids/wife/job) and the train company finally takes out the trains which has played a major role in the last 20 years of your life? You end the chapter in style: a super nice and well documented book on the art and culture of Copenhagen train bombers. If you can find the 40 euro then go check it out! Worth the dough if a colorful train has ever made your head turn.

Available in Poland

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The book is available at the Wrong Side shop.

Available at Amazon!

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The English version of the book is now available at Amazon! Get it here!

This book is like the Bible of the Copenhagen S-train graffiti movement

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Nice review of the book over at, read it all here!

Positive review at Modkraft

Posted: 21. Mai 2010  Posted By: lars

The book is reviewed positively by Marie Rømer West at
Read the review in Danish here.
And check the Modkraft gallery with photos from the book here.