Always high – Never down

Posted: 10. September 2009  Posted By: twik

Che panel from 1993…

For Jay-B and DJ Nut

Posted: 9. September 2009  Posted By: twik

Sek rocking it in 1995

Tabu RIP

Posted: 7. September 2009  Posted By: twik

Big Tabu chrome rolling through Central Station, early 90’s…

Bottom to top

Posted: 6. September 2009  Posted By: twik

Bea and Hik at the Central Station, mid 90’s…

On track

Posted: 4. September 2009  Posted By: twik

The daily work on the book continues and we are on track, much unlike this train at the Copenhagen Central Station.

Rainy days

Posted: 2. September 2009  Posted By: twik

A Honet panel passing through the main station on a cold and wet day. Wrong season, dude.

Almost there

Posted: 1. September 2009  Posted By: twik

We are now in the process of finishing Will I Go To Hell For This. A lot of nice material has come in, and we have conducted interviews with more than 30 writers from different generations and countries. While we work, feast your eyes on these pieces by the infamous TAV crew, Rens & Sek, in traffic.

We are still looking for quotes from writers all over the world about these old S-trains, so if you have anything to say about them, please send an email at willigotohellforthis(a)

Before graff there was…

Posted: 18. August 2009  Posted By: twik

The B-Boy. In fact, many of the Danish old timers were disappointed to find that there was so little breaking in film classics like Wild Style and Style Wars. Here’s a shot from Thomas P. Hejle’s youth club, which served as a fertile breeding ground for the Copenhagen hip hop culture in the ’80s.

Pretty in pink

Posted: 13. August 2009  Posted By: twik

Reim in a fresh bubble gum style sometime in the late ’90s.

Inside operations

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Dutcher Tiw mid 90’s…