Obey Print Machine

Nochmal was aus der Mainstream Kiste. Dieses Interview von Ben Arnon mit Shepard Fairey und Yosi Sargent finde ich sehr interessant. Speziell an der Stelle wo es darum geht wie er diese nicht ganz uneigennützige überregionale Propaganda eigentlich finanziert, Fairey über das Obama “Hope” Poster

“Well, the way I’m used to doing things when I print up posters is I print some to sell and I print some to put up on the street. I fund the ones I put up on the street with the ones I sell. That way the whole thing is paid for and I’m perpetuating things on my own terms. I did that to get the ball rolling and then I was going to use the revenue from the first 350 posters to get more printed for a full statewide campaign. At first I was just thinking California because there was such a short amount of time left until Super Tuesday. But so quickly we saw that the demand was there so we started shipping the posters all over the country anywhere that hadn’t had a caucus or a primary yet.”

Klingt logisch, also 350 Poster verkauft um 350 weitere in die Propaganda auf der Strasse einzusetzen. Ben Arnon hinterfragt

“Those initial posters, the 350 to sell and 350 for the streets, along with the 4,000 you sent around to rallies, did they all read “Progress” or were they a combination of “Progress” and “Hope”?”

Anyway, inzwischen werden die Poster auf Online Auktionen für 2.000 bis 6.000 US Dollars verkauft, Fairey wirds freuen, während Obama weiter Wahlkampf macht um am Big Thuesday abzuräumen ist ein Obey junior geboren, Fairey ist seit kurzem frisch gebackener Vater, das komplette Arnon/Fairey Interview zur Obey Obama Propaganda hier auf [TWISTER]