Kid Robot x Ye Olde English Dunny Series

This all-new lineup of 17 limited edition designs came straight from the genius minds of some of the top UK artists, and there’s nothing proper about them. Some are playing hooky from their royal duties, others are suffering from disturbing conditions, while a few are up to no good trying to escape the rain. Pick these 3-inchers up but don’t get too excited when you tear open the blind box or you’ll risk missing the 2 chases… Artists in this brilliant series include Clutter, Doktor A, Frames, HiCalorie x Julie West, ilovedust, Jon Burgerman, Keanan Duffty, McFaul, Mimic, Peskimo, Shok 1, Tado, Triclops and UAMOU. And for more on UK designers. (via)