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“I would say the evolution of graff in NYC was just everyone(crew) trying to out do the next person or crew. Competition. That always takes it to the next level. The You got these toys doing throwies everywhere. It looks bad. I’m just old school. I believe that the proving grounds were the train yards.That’s just me. There’s a lot of cats that never hit live trains that are good. The destruction of the trains started with Cap MPC. Writers got tired of wasting time doing fresh burners and whole cars only for it to get dissed. So writers started doing more throwies than pieces. Trains looked a mess. The few remaining diehards kept going until the end and beyond(clean train era).”

Das und mehr erzählt Web von der TC5 Crew New York welcher unter anderem auch Seen, Doze, Lady Pink,Fome,Daze oder auch Pop Master Fabel angehören. Das Interview mit Web wurde anlässlich des 30ten Jubiläums der Crew gemacht, eine Website online gestellt und dort wird dann auch der dazugehörige Event ab 08.September dokumentiert.