Most Wanted #7 Preview

“Hello again for round seven, we are quite happy to made this happen in 2009. It was a big challenge for us to fix the costs of the last issues and so we had to reduce the magazine to 72 pages. But don‘t fear that you have to resign anything… Recieving new flix every day from so much different writers, we abstained from specials about certain personalities this time and concentrated on small chapters of different train systems featured by its local heroes and restless interrailers. The result is a nice selection, which hopefully stays on your toilet for quite a while. Find burners from German cities like Stuttgart, Cologne and the Rhein-Neckar area as well from the rest of Europe like Italy, Netherlands and Belgium. Thanks to all of you, who provided us with dope photos from all around. Keep on spraying!”

Oben steht eigentlich alles drin was man zur Most Wanted Magazine Ausgabe Nummero 7 wissen sollte, der Preview hat auf jeden Fall Feuer! Nach dem Jump 8 Seiten und das Top Cover der “Photo Issue”, wenns draussen ist gibts Info