ElBocho x Go Beyond Borders Berlin

LetterXIII, Tape Artist ElBocho und CNN haben zusammen das Projekt “Go Beyond Borders” auf die Beine gestellt

“This project takes the viewer 20 years back in time to the events which happend during the Fall of the Wall in Berlin1989. In the presented artworks one will discover some of the people who were brave enough to challenge the wall. In doing this, “Go Beyond Borders” is an appeal to think further and overcome frontiers. This is exactly what these people were driven by, two decades ago in a city where the frontier was part of the everyday life, dividing the city in half. El Bocho used tape to recreate scenes that happend at the wall, at the orginial locations. Therefore, 40.000 meters of tape have been produced.”

Die komplette Aktion kann noch bis 09.November in Berlin verfolgt werden, man solte dazu dem Verlauf der Mauer folgen von der Bernauer Strasse in Wedding bis zur Elsenstrasse in Treptow, hier gibts eine Karte dazu, hier auf Flickr Fotos und hier im Youtube Kanal einige Videos zum Projekt (thx Martin)