Underground Landscapes

Der Hamburger, in Berlin lebende Fotograf Timo Stammberger wird irgendwann im Januar in der Hauptstadt ausstellen, dazu wird es später noch weitere Infos geben. In der Zwischenzeit gibts einige gestochen scharfe Kostproben.

“Underground Landscapes” focuses on subway tunnels; the area that connects two subway stations. Subway tunnels are part of a large, well-branched mass transit system that is used by many people on a daily basis, in Moscow for example, carrying an average of 8-9 million passengers on a normal weekday, about 3,000,000,000 a year. Public transportation plays an immense role in the daily life of todays metropolises and has interweaved itself deep into the cityscapes. Rarely, however do passengers get to see subway tunnels as they travel on their journey through the underground of cities. The tunnel´s architecture, which stems from its purely functional purpose, creates a special and intense atmosphere. The French anthropologist Marc Auge wrote about “Non-Places”: “The space of the non-resort creates no particular identity, and no special relation, but loneliness and similarity.” However, in contrast to Auge, based on constructivism and due to Stammberger’s previous hobby of working as an graffiti artist, he experiences the subwaytunnel as a “place”. The Tunnels have gotten an identity through Stammberger’s photographic interpretation, as well as through the unique architecture of the various carefully chosen subway systems.”

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