Fresh From the Cave

Caver von der GVS aus Lissabon ist nicht nur ein Name der seit Ende der Neunziger fallen muss wenn es um portugiesisches Graffiti geht, auch in Sachen Illustration und Grafik Deisgn hat der 26jährige ne Menge auf dem Kasten.

From The Cave is the artistic project of a graffiti writer with a very unique graphic vision, who’s been painting around the suburbs of Lisbon since 1998. His work emerged from the wish to explore other media such as illustration and graphic design, by creating a different identity which would still enable him to maintain his link with “pure graffiti” free of restrictions. His creativity is frequently expressed by way of a very singular, unique universe, full of hybrid and fantastic creatures, monsters and mythical beings that seem to live together, doused with humour and progressive sarcasm.

Mehr gibts hier in seinem Flickr, fresh!