Rom 1992 – 2009

Nach der ZTK Slideshow gibts ein weiteres Video mit Impressionen aus Rom und der zerhackten Metro,”The Secret of Life” 1992 bis 2009

Roma…1992,The first subway trains are painted. Roma…2009, seventeen years later the visual impact of Names on the trains hasn’t stopped, instead they pile up on top of each other in a crazy race for visibility, layer over layer, generation over generation. Works constantly moving up and down the city which has become a huge open-air art gallery. These works, being subjected to weather conditions such as wind, rain, dirt, Sun, and human factors such as acids used to clean the windows, slowly get old, just like their Creators get old and eventually die. Masterpieces that have a life of their own. One could safely assume that that which the Futurist painters theorized 100 years ago has finally been achieved!