Boa, Hocus & Duro256 x WritetheWall

Wohl eine der letzten Wände im Rahmen des diesjährigen “WritetheWall” Projekts in Berlin ist fertig. Eine Promoaktion für die aktuelle Kollaboration zwischen Overkill und New Balance.

according to our SMU Release on 09/01/2010 we did a cooperation with the Berlin Art Project “Write the Wall”. Therefor berlin graffiti artists BOA, HOCUS & DURO256 painted a 20m long piece of the original berlin wall that was especaially rebuild for this art show. As some people might remember the former berlin wall was completely painted during the cold war. At that time lots of artist expressed theire feelings and wishes to end this war on one of the biggest canvases ever seen. Our aim was to bring back the spirit, even a little, to show what Berlin and Overkill is all about: reminiscence of a tubulent history, living today and make the best of now and rocking the future with style. (Overkill)