Die Wouters

Der holländische Typedesigner Job Wouters hat ein “ABC” Video mit seinem gerade mal 4 Jahre alten Neffen Gradus gedreht. Buchstabe für Buchstabe ganz locker aus der Hand geschüttelt. So kann man das ABC und Lettering auch erlernen.

„Me and my nephew Gradus (4 years) are very ambitious concerning letters. Spontanious jam sessions in our studio inspired us to make this video about the fun of drawing letters. Directed by my brother Roel. A true family project.“


“Dutch typographer Job Wouters is better known as ‘Letman’, but regardless of what you decide to call him, his work is always of the highest order. Expressive and dramatic, he treats letters with the care and respect they deserve and this appreciation has led him to create compelling, hand-drawn work for clients all over the world.

His brother is an equally as exciting practitioner and the siblings have combined to create a new spray-painting machine called the Rainbow gun, which will be utlised in the gallery itself.”


Und nochwas von den Wouters, Roel zeigt ab dem 15.Januar 2010 in der Londoner Foundation Gallery während “If You Could Collaborate” seine “new spray-painting machine called the Rainbow gun”. So neu ist die allerdings nicht, der Berliner Daniel Tagno war da wohl etwas eher da.

“creating space in one line…the tool is created to do skulptural work on large scale surfaces in a short time. its a quest for the possibilities…” (Tagno, The Gadget, 09/2008)


…wer da jetzt wen wie inspiriert hat oder auch nicht keine Ahnung. Anyway.. mehr von den Wouters gibts hier auf und hier auf, mehr über die Ausstellung in London hier (via)