UP #41

Das Underground Productions Magazin Nummero #41 ist draussen. Mit Kopenhagen OldSchool Spezial, Fher, Train Report aus Kanada und vieles mehr. Wie immer Pflichtlektüre, unten ein Preview. Das Magazin aus Stockholm ist hier erhältlich

“Finally UP41 is out. Make sure to pick up your copy in a store near you or online! The winter issue of 2009 takes a closer look at two scandinavian writers with completely different approach: The raw expressions of Black from Copenhagen and 10 years of trains and walls from Stockholm native Recks. We’re also happy to present some of the most recent works from “The Man Machine”, Fher. undoubtly one of Stockholms most active writers ever. don’t miss his panels, wholecars, walls and bombings and read what other writers has to say about him. UP 41 will also take you all the way to Canada and a report from a small but active train scene. The “clean trains” in the country of ice hockey is a well kept secret. From Canada we move south and stop in the Big Ease. In New Orleans the battle between writers and a vigilante known as “The Gray Ghost” has been going on for more than 10 years. don’t miss that story. On top of that this issues Old School session is a chat with Copenhagen legends The Dark Roses. Jacob Kimvall talks about Duanes pieces in his Top of The Line series. And as always the latest gossip in Word is.” (UP)