Über 200 Fotos von good old Razor…bring it back again

“Graffiti is an escape of the reality and the normal life for me. It has only bad influences on my life, because it is hard to manage a normal life besides Graffiti. I never had conflicts with the law when it comes to Graffiti. I allways had the luck that they catched the others and I was able to run my lungs out. Compared to others I have not made a lot of friendships or contacts, because of my mentality. It is the best way to stay out of conflicts, but to some You seem to be an ignorant with this behaviour. Graffiti has enriched my life. I am acting creative with and besides graffiti. It´s not only letter-designing, but also other tasks that I try to manage.”

Aus einem Bomber Megazine Interview mit Razor von 1998. (veröffentlicht hier auf Und für alle welche die Website noch nicht kennen: Die über 200 Fotos unten in der Slideshow wurden im Laufe der letzten Zeit auf hochgeladen…fresh browse