Berlin Stylewriting goes Florida

Black Apple Events holt Berlin Stylewriting in die Staaten, nach Florida. Start Mai 2010. Unter anderen mit dabei Poet, Bas2, Inka, Phos4, Fok, Jack, Wesp und Leroy.

“Berlin is fast growing as the European hub for artistic expression and a leading factory in unconventional and forward thinking art forms, allowing for the flourishing of graffiti art. Although the graffiti roots did not start in Berlin, it has become implanted within the culture. From the protest and memorial graffiti on the doomed Berlin Wall to the expressionistic graffiti today, this art form is part of the everyday life of Berliners. Having had many style influences, mainly old school New York, artists in Berlin have developed their own distinctive flair over the years that can easily be recognized worldwide.

This special exhibition brings together a collection of works representing the art form that has made its way internationally, through the streets, to the galleries, on our clothes and in today’s music. These artists have been chosen for their ability to spin lines, letters, colors, and characters into a visually exciting abstract experience. Some of these artist have over twenty years of experience, building their reputation on their skills and distinctive style.

The Berlin Style Writing exhibition will introduce the US to a truly modern art form with an international twist. This exhibition will debut in St. Petersburg, FL on May 15th, 2010. For more information please contact BlackApple Events.”

Mehr über die Ausstellung in St.Petersburg (Hafenstadt in der USA/Florida) hier auf der offiziellen Website
(via fok)