Graffiti is Hardcore

Graffiti is “Hardcore”, ein Projekt von Gym921, der damit erklären will warum es eine Verbindung zwischen Graffiti und Punkrock gibt

So, I love all music but after a while, it always leads me back to hardcore. Aspects of Hardcore like the text, make it the music I prefer the most. To me it’s (almost) all positive and it’s for the kids by the kids. It’s true, it’s real and everybody is welcome. No one excluded! It’s also about commitment and dedication. It is often political, anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-homophobic and alround pro-life! These are the things I try to live by. I have a circle of interesting friends that are not always connected with each other. I have friends that I go to concerts with and friends that I write with. I wanted to try connect these two worlds and create the connection through this project. (Gym921/KSD/DSU)

Mehr Fotos und Infos über das Projekt von Gym hier bei Montana und hier auf Myspace