Kacao77 – Marvel Crossovers

Daran hat Kacao77 ein halbes Jahr gearbeitet, jetzt gibts endlich was zu sehen. Die 11 Marvel Leinwände im Format 30 x 80. 2 davon sind bereits online in seinem Blog, unten in der Slideshow und auf Flickr, mehr gibts dann wohl die nächsten Tage, superfresh.

Marvel / Kacao77 universes crossovers

in honor of the marvel comics i launched this crossovers to a 11 canvas series line. A comicline without figures. Instead i dressed and design my letters with their costumes and slip in the comic universe of marvel to the fullest!

The comichero tradition of using costumed identities and acting under a fancy name to do their thing fascinated me since i am a little kid. The powers, technological equipment, heroes good or bad, names and of course the colorful costumes with their symbols that carries the superhero`s name and theme fascinates me!

Reading comics and following them till now is still interrsting for me and i love it to put comic / Science fiction adaptions to my artwork here and there since i began in 1993…

Earth people watch out!

Here comes the amazing