Vandal Tactics – Trailer

Frisch eingetroffen, der Trailer zu Vandal Tactis, eine Doku über Graffiti auf den alten roten S-Bahnen aus Kopenhagen. Für alle die sich das Buch Will I Go To Hell For This oder die Vandals & Legends DVD zugelegt haben sicherlich ein erwähnenswerter Bonus. 55 Minuten Live Aktion und Eindrücke aus den Jahren 1999 bis 2007. Soll noch dieses Jahr erscheinen, mehr Info und Screenshots der DVD nach dem Jump


COPENHAGEN TRAINS – VANDAL TACTICS is featuring some of the key players in the Copenhagen train scene. Live actions, heavy bombing, mind blowing color productions, top to bottom throw ups, all on those infamous red steel trains that was an object of desire for generations of writers worldwide. With recordings dating back from 1999 and to the end of the era in 2007 COPENHAGEN TRAINS – VANDAL TACTICS gives an exclusive and highly aesthetic presentation of the true train writing spirit of Copenhagen.

All scenes are accompanied by an original soundtrack, composed and executed to the fullest by the Copenhagen Trains crew. The raw and dirty beats of the 808 and old school synths make up a soundscape so fat you can almost smell the rusty tracks and feel your fingers stick to the cap!

The COPENHAGEN TRAINS – VANDAL TACTICS movie will be released in three versions:
– A DVD with a booklet of train info and limited flicks.
– A special numbered limited Collectors Item box with a rare surprise.
– A free digital version available from selected file sharing networks. Copy and share with your friends.

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