Urban Art Festival Amsterdam

Ein Freund von uns kuratiert vom 08.-10.Oktober 2010 das Urban Art Festival Amsterdam. Mit dabei u.A. Besok, Nils Müller, Eazy, Help, Jeroo, Law One, Nychos, Reaz, Revolt77, Riko, SatONE, Tasso uvm, mehr Infos und das Programm gibts nach dem Jump

The Urban Art Festival Amsterdam presents and exhibits artwork by contemporary urban artists, including paintings on canvas, sculptures, photography, designer toys, video installations and video mapping. Each night, an electronic music party alongside live and synchronised video performances will complement the exhibition. The last day will host an artistic trade-fair called “underground market” where local artist labels, collectives and individuals will sell and promote their own art pieces such as clothes, jewellery, toys, music, publications and handcrafts. The artist line-up guarantees an exciting and diverse exhibition. Many of our artists will paint three murals on Saturday @ OT301.

Graffiti * Streetart * Illustration
Besok, Eazy, Help, Jeroo, Law One, Nychos, Ogre, Philipp Jordan, Reaz, Revolt77, Riko, Royale Belleville, SatONE, Snar, Tasso, Thijmen, Tshunc, Zone56

Video Installation * Mapping
LotteZ, Roborant&Goto10

Nils Mueller

Sculpture / Designer Toys
Kamer, LilShy, Maoma

International Exhibition of Urban Artists
Date: 08.10.-10.10.2010,
Exhibition opening: Friday 08.10.2010, 21:00, free entrance
Location: OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Curator: M. Steppak, M. Hinger