New2 DMA AFP in Mannheim

Ein echtes australisches Urgestein kommt nach Deutschland, und zwar nach Mannheim. New2 DMA AFP aus Melbourne stellt sich zum ersten Mal in Europa vor, mit der Ausstellung “Sunset … Sunrise” im Stoffwechsel (Hafenstrasse 74,Mannheim). Ab 06.Januar 2011. Wir rufen nochmal einige alte Klassiker aus den Achtzigern in Erinnerung und zeigen einige neue Produktionen von New2 plus Infos zur Ausstellung nach dem Jump

First solo exhibition in Europe for New2

Australian graffiti veteran New2 opens his first European solo show in Mannheim, Germany on Thursday January 6, 2011 at 16h. “Sunset … Sunrise” will be showing brand new wood sculptures, finely detailed collages and painted mounted panels. For this exhibition, the artist extracts shapes and symbols from his outdoors graffiti pieces and integrates them into the gallery space, Stoffwechsel in the Hafenstrasse 74.

With his psychedelic colours and retro sci-fi references, New2 manages to create his own style of letterforms, integrating traditional graffiti skills with all things space. The artist has been active on the streets for 25 years and uses this experience moving into the gallery world with inventive art installations. The show runs until February 25.

WHAT: “Sunset … Sunrise” by New2
WHERE: Stoffwechsel / Hafenstrasse 74 / Mannheim / Germany
WHEN: Opening on January 6 at 16h – Mon/Thu/Sat: 19-21h and Fri: 13-21h until February 25, 2011