OTR Buchreihe: Faith47

Die OTR Blackbook Serie geht in Runde 5, das erste Buch für dieses Jahr wird für März 2011 angekündigt. Auf 128 Seiten wird Faith47 aus Kapstadt (Südafrika) vorgestellt. Ein kleiner Preview und Infos nach dem Jump

Faith 47
Initially recognized for her unique graffiti and street art work, Faith 47 is a self-taught artist who draws inspiration from her own intuitive political and existential questions. Her art takes on the form of metaphor. Both abstract and definitive in meaning, plucking at our heartstrings in harmonious and sometimes dark tones as she paints.

Faith’s images thrive on broken-down cars and old factories, dusty side roads of lost towns and inner-city alleyways. Her deep affinity with lost spaces allows her to gracefully bring attention to the most honest and humble of environments. Her interactions resonate with our fragility and our elusive relationship with dreams, memory, human interaction and urban decay.

Faith has established herself internationally, exhibiting her work in galleries and participating in projects across the globe. Despite this she remains rooted in South Africa, where the soil is red and her blood feels comfortably and peacefully on edge.

Title: FAITH 47
Series: On The Run Books
Author: From Here to Fame
Publishing Pages: 128 full color
Photographs: ca. 250 photographs & illustrations
Format: 23.5 x 16cm (9.25 x 6.3 inches)
Language: English
edition Published: 5th of March 2011
ISBN Paperback: 978-3-937946-08-5
Price Paperback: 9.95 €
Hardcover: 14.95 €