Crack The Surface – Trailer

Hier der Trailer zu “Crack The Surface”, der Film aus England wird in mehrere 20 Minuten Episoden gestaffelt und veröffentlicht, weitere Infos (engl) nach dem Jump

The documentary is starting to take shape, or should I say project? We actually have a name now.

A few things have changed, in my opinion for the better. Instead of having people wait up to a year for a full feature length movie we have taken the decision to release it in 20 minute “episodes”.

Each episode will take a different stylistic and technical approach in terms of the material and focus on those in other countries such as Russia, America, Canada and Italy.

The idea being that this should hopefully keep peoples interest for longer and give the final piece a more global appreciation of what Urban Exploration is.

The only downside with this is we wont be able to give any dates as to when each episode will be released, although we will be aiming for one every three to four months.

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Canon DSLR : 550D / 5D / 7D
GoPro Hero HD