SUPE FMK – Studio Visit

Wer die Ikone aus Paris nicht kennt, Supe hat zusammen mit Diego die FMK Crew gegründet und zeigt sich verantwortlich für zahlreiche Graffiti Magazine und das Buch “Le Team Manager”, welches letztes Jahr veröffentlicht wurde. LRG hat den FMK Gruppenchef in seinem Studio besucht, das Video dazu gibt´s nach dem Jump

Everyone’s favorite Parisian, Supe, aka Le Team Manager, let’s LRG into his studio for some black book sessions.Black books have served as the traditional sketch book for writers since the first days of graff and Supe has been at them since he was first introduced to graffiti. He has been painting in the streets since the early 90’s and over the past years has begun to bring his work into the galleries, most recently with Lieu 37 in Paris. Supe continuesly produces many zines each year and a limited edition book “Le Team Manager” was released through Classic last year. Along with Diego, Supe is a founding member of FMK crew.