Stephen Hiam (*1973) aus Berlin kann mit seiner umgebauten Makita BBX7600 bis zu 3 Liter Farbe in der Sekunde auswerfen. Damit könnte man eine Menge Unfug anrichten, der gebürtige Londoner allerdings nutzt das Gerät in seinem Atelier oder Arbeiten im öffentlichen Raum. (Foto oben: Downstairs Store Berlin) Einen kleinen Auszug seiner abstrakten Arbeiten und Splats gibt´s im Video und Fotos nach dem Jump

I was born into graffiti but I always felt a little bit different. I liked the chaos and the destruction, but they took this rebellion and turned it into a fashion.

I searched for ways to create unique images.

I went to art school and got kicked out for failing to conform.
I made high-end digital special effects and they gave me a silver spaceman.
I made commercials, brain washing people who watched TV.
I decided to get away from there and moved to Berlin to live a better life.

I sold the spaceman on ebay, it paid for more paint.

Im trying not trying for a while and the paintings have more life that way. (Stephen Hiam)

“I making this stuff with a customized Makita BBX7600 – Four stroke solid state ignition, custom paint delivery system. Dispersion capacity – 3 Ltrs of paint per second to a maximum distance of 15 meters.”

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