AMSTERDAM – Urban Art EFX 2012

Wer die nächsten 3 Wochen in Amsterdam weilt sollte sich das Programm zum diesjährigen URBAN ART EFX anschauen. Mehr über die Ausstellung, die Side-Events, der Flyer und die Infomappe mit mehr Informationen nach dem Jump!

Urban Art EFX 2012

Urban Stylistix presents a three week international exhibition including a series of cultural activities: URBAN ART EFX. Fifteen internationally renowned artists from the Netherlands, various European cities, Mexico and Hong Kong will exhibit at CBK Amsterdam from June 21st to July 15th 2012.

Participating Artists
Besok (Netherlands) – Binho (Brazil) – Bonzai (United Kingdom) – Ceet (Hong Kong) – Graphic Surgery (Netherlands) –
Hendrik ECB Beykirch (Germany) – Juice (Netherlands) – Kid:GHE (Mexico) – Morcky (Netherlands) – Morten Andersen (Denmark) – Mr. Wany (Italy) – Rosa Menkman (Netherlands) – Ruediger Glatz (Germany) – Toast / Ata Bozaci (Switzerland) – Wayne Horse (Netherlands)

From urban to contemporary
The exhibition themed “from urban to contemporary” showcases an eclectic variety of artwork. These range from paintings, sculptures, installations, photography to video art, created by key-players of the contemporary Urban Art movement. It highlights a snap-shot of their current artistic development as well as the story behind an up-and-coming artist generation, whose roots lay in the Graffiti and Street-art culture. The featured artists matured their work into the international art and gallery scene, continuously advancing their artistic expression, techniques, orientation and professionalism. They have evolved beyond their street-art roots, emancipating their picture language from sub-cultural ties of their early years into an own representative and unique style.

Urban Art EFX includes diverse cultural activities that will attract a broad range of visitors including: two art workshops for young people, an outdoor poster exhibition, several live mural paintings, an event of live canvas painting following an art auction for a social cause, a club night that will feature: video art installations, a photo exhibition and light-painting.

Also EFX will include an urban art & gallery city tour, a separate event with artist’s presentation and podium discussion about his work and urban art as well as a family day including several guided exhibition tours of the gallery. This event targets cultural and art interested attendants and it reaches out to new audiences of all ages. Furthermore, it includes events and activities that integrate into the multicultural neighbourhoods of Amsterdam Oost and Watergraafsmeer.


WARM-UP EXHIBITON & CLUB NIGHT: BACK 2 THE STREETS * 16.06. – 21:00 – 04:00 @ Studio/K Amsterdam
Official warm-up party and exhibition including: Bustart & Laser 3.14 (Amsterdam) / Shez & Danzel (Basel) / Stinkfish (Colombia)
Dubstep & Drum’n Bass by Shimla (i&i connections, wildgroei), Recidive (nimatek soundsystem), Lucifer (nimatek soundsystem), SK DJ and DEC23.

EXHIBITION OPENING * 21.06. – 19:00 – 23:00 @ CBK Amsterdam
Official opening of the international exhibition. Meet and greet with all artists in a relaxed lounge atmosphere.

WORKSHOPS * 19.06. & 20.06. – 11:00 – 15:00 @ CBK Amsterdam
Professional Urban Artists from Amsterdam teach various artistic techniques related to Street-art and Graffiti like drawing comics, painting with a spray-can, cutting stencils and illustration.

LIVE MURAL PAINTING * 22./23./24.06. – 11:00 – 17:00 @ Amsterdam East
Participating artists will paint concept walls close-by the exhibition space and demonstrate their artistic skills and techniques.

FAMILY DAY / GUIDED TOURS * 23.06. – 11:00 – 17:00 @ CBK Amsterdam
Guided exhibition tours (13:00 & 15:00) accompanied by exhibiting artists, coffee and cake corner, workshops for kids.

ART & GALLERY CITY TOURS * 23.06. – 14:00 – 17:00 @ MacBike Shop Amsterdam Central Station
A comprehensive bike tour is lead by the renown Amsterdam Street-artist “Bustart”, introducing basic knowledge and recent trends about urban art forms and unveiling hidden artwork in the streets and galleries.

AFTERPARTY & EXPO * 23.06. – 22:00 – 03:00 @ Club Canvas
House, Tech House, Techno by well-known Amsterdam DJs & VJs
Photography exhibition “Traces” by Arden de Raaij, Eavan Aiken, Olivier Philippe
Interactive Light-painting by CFYE Crew.

ARTIST PRESENTATION * 14.07. – 14:00 – 17:00 @ CBK Amsterdam
Artist collective Graphic Surgery from Amsterdam will give a presentation and insight view in their work and will be available for questions of the public.

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