EINDHOVEN – Step in the Arena 2012

Am 23.Juni 2012 startet STEP IN THE ARENA (Fotos vom Event 2011) in Eindhoven, alle Informationen zum Event und Programm nach dem Jump

23. Juni 2012 / Insulindeplein Eindhoven, also known as the Berenkuil (Free Entrance) / Facebook Event / Website

This year more than 250 local and international graffiti gladiators will show their skills in the weekend of 23 and 24 june in Eindhoven in the biggest graffiti arena of the Europe, de Berenkuil (Insulindeplein). Some names of the participating artists are:

International Artists:

Kofie (USA), Kems (USA), Belin (ES), MadC (D), Mr. Wany (I), Puppet (S), Soten (DK), Smug (UK), SobeKcis (SRB), ZoerCSX (F), Ogre (F), Mr.Dheo (P), Tiws (DK), New2 (AUS), Entes &Pesimo (Peru), Plaque (D), Semor (D), Casroc (B), Bue (B) Fuckone (B), JNC crew (B), Hertkore (B), Roofie (A), Musk (Lux), PQ (FR), Tempo (UK), Sofles (AUS)

The Weird gang (D/A) – Nychos, Cone, Dxtr, Hr. Von Bias, Low Bros, Peachbeach. LoveLetters (NL/D/F) – Ozer, Dater, Biser, Nash, Tumki, Puaks, Chas.

Dutch Artists:
Nasty Sons, Dphaezer, Super A, Inca, Karski, Neas, Clone, Zenk, One, Druid, Moron, Nyse, Be Easy Crew, Coma, Kale, Awar, Seiro

Clowns From Hell (NL) – Mr.Mister, Ces53, Dr.Chess, Selone, Thor, Zedz.

KBTR, Lastplak, Nol, Lempke, Eau, Earworm, Narcoze, Popcorn, HMX, PZE, Edo Rath, 10:GU, Amik, 103, Schurk, the Imker, Reus,

Old Skool Eindhoven:
Skip -FAD, Yak-UFO, Yes-TMC, Dart-RSWC, Amore-TSC, CAZ-TIV, Tape-TSC, Marcone-BWS, Real-SOL

The festival is being organized by Dynamo in collaboration with the graffiti scene of Eindhoven. It’s goal is to challenge young people and professionals to meet and challenge each other creatively.

Graffiti and street art are important aspects of hiphop culture in Eindhoven. With this graffiti weekend, Dynamo wants the inhabitants of Eindhoven and beyond to meet street art and show them what Eindhoven is famous for in the whole world. Young graffiti artist are given the opportunity to work with pro’s from the graffiti scene, national and international artists. If you want to join in, please contact:

Adres: Insulindeplein, also known as the Berenkuil, in Eindhoven. Free entrance. Festival location open from 11.00 till 20.00.