MIXTAPE – The Writers Bench

DINGO hat uns ein nettes HipHop Mixtape gesendet namens “The Writers Bench” inklusive KRS-One´s Out For Fame, Atmosphere´s RTFC, Lordz of Brooklyn´s Tales from the Rails, The Escpades of Futura 2000 uvm gemischt mit klassischen Statements aus Style Wars, Wild Style und Beat Street. Jump

Inspired by the movie “Style Wars,” I have decided to drop a free mix called “The Writers Bench.” This 15-track mix focuses on the art of graffiti by the way of hip-hop music.

If you are not familiar with The Writers Bench, it was a meeting place located at 149th Street Grand Concourse where graffiti writers would talk graffiti, make plans, sign black books and settle disputes. The main activity was watching art on the passing trains (known as benching). The writers would admire and criticize the latest paintings.

To put my own personal touch on the mix. I have included recorded dialog from classic hip-hop films such as Style Wars, Wild Style and Beat Street.

Meyhem Lauren, KRS-One, Typical Cats, Atmosphere, Futura 2000 and the Artifacts are just some of the artists you will find on this mix.

Enjoy and be educated.

Hevehitta / The Writers Bench | Download


01. The Writers Bench (Intro)
02. KRS-One – Out For Fame
03. Atmosphere – RTFC
04. Pack FM – Click, Clack & Spray
05. The Artifacts – Wrong Side of the Tracks
06. Lordz of Brooklyn – Tales from the Rails
07. Mr. Lif – Wanted
08. Meyhem Lauren – Got the Fever
09. Underground Elements – Graff Writer
10. Chali 2na – Graff Time
11. Typical Cats – The Manhattan Project
12. Talib Kweli feat. Rakim – Subway Surfing
13. Futura 2000 feat. The Clash – The Escpades of Futura 2000
14. Grand Wizzard Theodore – Subway Theme
15. I Make Them Trains Beautiful (Outro)