MELBOURNE – The Hive Apartment

So sieht es aus wenn ein Architekt und ein Graffiti Writer zusammenarbeiten, das HIVE Apartment in Melbourne (Australien) nach dem Jump

The Hive Apartment

Architect’s statement

The Hive Apartment was designed by architect Zvi Belling of ITN Architects.This site was specifically selected for a graffiti/architecture project. The ideas in the building have been refined over time by the designer in prior competitions, publications and collaborations with street artists. The architect developed the project with his neighbour (aka Prowla), a respected old school Melbourne graffiti ‘writer’ who contributed the design of the graffiti letters.

The concept of graffiti themed building is not a new one, with countless buildings around the world with walls filled top to bottom with aerosol art. But a building with graffiti as an integral part of the structure with graffiti themes carrying through the aesthetics of the entire design, from windows to ceiling, furniture to materials, now that is something that is truly unique. Zvi Belling from ITN Architects linked up with long-time friend graffiti artist Prowla to design a home for themselves with this concept in mind, and the end result is The Hive Apartments located in Collingwood in Melbourne, Australia.

In this video we take you on a tour through the building with Zvi, highlighting some of the building’s beautiful details while also giving an insight into how much effort it took to build something this unique.

Photos: Patrick Rodriguez and Zvi Belling. (mehr hier)
Video: Acclaim Magazine