LONDON – Ground Release – 1st Birthday

Das GROUND RELEASE Projekt (Koge/London) zelebriert sein einjähriges Bestehen mit einer Produktion in West London, mit dabei Roid, Monster, Dems, Zoer, Towns, Feks, Pant, Vibes, Nychos & OJey von der Chosen Few Crew aus Hamburg. Fotos und Video nach dem Jump!

This weekend Ground Release celebrated its 1st birthday with an illustrious team of international artists. The project took place at the iconic landmark Trellick Tower in West London. Special guests were invited as part of the expanding global entourage. Artists travelled from Australia, Germany, Spain, France and Austria. Despite the harsh weather conditions the project persevered to conclude as our foremost project to date. We were left with the overwhelming feeling of the strength and fortitude in the international graffiti movement. Ground Release would like to thank all who supported us in our first year and a huge thanks to our fiends and family all over the globe.