KIWIE – Black Duke

KIWIE ist ein Graffiti Writer aus Riga (Lettland), der im folgenden Video zwei Figuren (Kiwie Pirate/Pirate Emil) an die Seiten der Duke of Lancaster sprüht, ein altes Passagierschiff welches momentan in der Nähe der Mostyn Docks im Nordosten von Wales liegt. (via 12oz)

“Latvian graffiti artist totally surprised locals in the country of Wales recently, when he put his talented mark on a long time abandoned ship — child of the great Titanic. Anonymous Latvian who calls himself ‘KIWIE’ even made a video about how he managed to paint these huge graffiti artworks. This well known strange creature is the graffiti artist’s signature label, which can be seen all over the place in Riga, and now it is in the United Kingdom as well. The news about this sort of “Cosmetic Renovation” has split the local’s opinions. For some graffiti is street art, for others — just vandalism.”(TV3 News)