IGNANT.TV – Superblast – Studio Visit

IGNANT.TV hat Manuel Osterholt aka SUPERBLAST in seinem Berliner Atelier besucht. Anlass ist seine neue Serie ‘Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death’. Die Fotoserie beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema “Leben und Tod” und zeigt Matrazen welche der Künstler aus Heidelberg in den Straßen dieser Welt gefunden hat, etwas ungewöhnlich aber interessant, den Videobeitrag gibt´s nach dem Jump! ‘Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death’ ist Teil von „Creative Match“ in Berlin Kreuzberg. Die Veranstaltung verfolgt das Konzept, Kreative, Künstler und Gastronomen zusammen zu bringen und gemeinsam in Ausstellungen, Wandgestaltungen, Performances, Live-Acts und Parties mit den Besuchern “ein Fest der Kreativität, der Vielfalt und Freude zu feiern.”, hier gibt es mehr Informationen!

We met Manuel Osterholt aka SUPERBLAST in his studio in Berlin, Mitte, right next to Alexanderplatz. Placed on a long panorama window stand his desk and his working table, where he produces most of his works. Eyes are starring at us from various pictures, patterns and colors domiate the canvases, in the corner is a shelf with spraycans in all colors.

Everything that Superblast is not bringing on walls and murals finds its origin here, painted on canvases with pens, brushes and tubes. Superblast is most recognized for his paintings and graffiti as well as graphic design. Meanwhile he spread his creativity to the field of photography. During Creative Match Kreuzberg, which is currently taking part in Berlin, Manuel presented the photo series ‘Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death’. The title is inspired by the greek mythology, where Hypnos (sleep) is described as the brother of Thanatos (death). The series shows mattresses that Manuel photographed over the last couple of years during his trips around the world. Thrown away, on the streets, in different states of use, in various colors and forms. For him the mattresses are a sign of mortality, of death. You are ment to sleep on them, but when they are not needed anymore, they’ll have to die by throwing them out. For Manuel they also receive some kind of physicalness by lying on top of other objects.