CRACK & SHINE (Interview mit Freddie Forsyth), Will Robson Scott und Vans´ OFFTHEWALL.TV starten in Kürze die zweite Runde der Videoserie “CRACK & SHINE INTERNATIONAL”. Das zum Anlass gibt´s den neuen Trailer für die nächsten Episoden der zweiten Runde nach dem Jump und wir haben nochmal die sieben Episoden aus ‘CRACK & SHINE INTERNATIONAL SEASON 01’ zusammengetragen!

Crack & Shine Season 02/TRAILER

Crack & Shine Season 01/Episode 01 – Los Angeles

In Los Angeles we meet a few of the members of the infamousThe Seventh Letter & Mad Society Kings crew. Revok, who was recently jailed for 6 weeks for graffiti related offences, tells his story of the history of graffiti in Los Angeles. And we meet with his crew members, Haeler, Augor & Zeser.

Crack & Shine Season 01/Episode 02 – Paris

Paris has the most relaxed attitude to graffiti in all of the cities the team visited. Here the Crack & Shine filmmakers follow Tomerk & Horfe through the streets of the city, and Honet through the underground tunnels, know as the catacombs. While also talking to Andre, the graffiti entrepreneur.

Crack & Shine Season 01/Episode 03 – Amsterdam

This leg of the European tour took us to one of the most historic cities for graffiti in Europe. Here we follow the legendary Twice & Gear on their typical weekend escapades.

Crack & Shine Season 01/Episode 04 – Paris Catacombs

Here the Crack & Shine filmmakers follow Honet through the underground tunnels, know as the catacombs.

Crack & Shine Season 01/Episode 05 – London

London is the birthplace of Crack & Shine. The first book, released in 2009, documented the leading figures in the cities’ underground graffiti community.

Crack & Shine Season 01/Episode 06 – Katsu

Graffiti represents an extremely young global underground subculture, it’s the root of modern guerilla marketing and the core inspiration behind street art. This episode of “Crack and Shine” highlights Katsu, a graffiti vandal active in NYC. Katsu’s campaign is unique within the graffiti world because while most vandals influence with traditional street tagging and murals, Katsu uses deeper conceptual strategies to promote the movement.

Crack & Shine Season 01/Episode 07 – Death is Home: Horfe

For the past 10 years, Horfe has dedicated his life to getting his name up in Paris. Through this public development on the streets of his hometown, a unique talent has evolved and developed to the point where his work is considered to be the most interesting, innovating and original graffiti on the planet at the moment. He is now spending an equal amount of time developing his artwork and creating new work for his upcoming shows in London and Paris. This installment of the Crack & Shine film series is the first by Will Robson-Scott, who acts as the photographer on the Crack & Shine books. You can see more of Horfe’s artwork and t-shirts and follow his blog here