FILM – Second Life

Second Life (2009/Trailer), der etwas andere Graffiti Film aus Paris – Neben einer guten Mischung Musik, gibt es eben nicht nur die “standard” Liveactions, sondern interessante Zwischensequenzen, auch mal ausserhalb der Klischees. 90 MInuten Material gibt es unter anderem aus Bordeaux, Belgien, St. Lazare und Paris. Die Scheibe ist seit längerer Zeit ausverkauft und seit einigen Tagen online in voller Länge (via)

(youtube direct)

“Why would we do another film about graffiti? To be honest it is a stupid and egocentric passion. My aim is not to say ” Look, I have painted more subways than you “. I do not either claim to be able to change the world with a video, because for me another world is not possible any more. I would just like to show that there is an alternative, a parallel life in which we escape this reality. The graffiti is a beautiful gesture of revolt, in any case a fascinating illusion of freedom. I could not continue to hide all these images; here is our second life.” (SL Prod)