RIGA – Kiwie – ‘Steal Me’

Vor 2 Wochen hat Kiwie (Black Duke) seine Ausstellung “STEAL ME” in Riga eröffnet. Darauf aufmerksam gemacht wurde mit einer interessanten Aktion, vor der Eröffnung wurden einige seiner Leinwandarbeiten in den Straßen der lettischen Hauptstadt verteilt, per Flyer konnte man herausfinden wo genau die Leinwände hängen. Was dann geschah gibt´s im Video plus aktuelle Arbeiten aus der Soloausstellung von KIWIE! Schöne Aktion…

On 21th of october a street fart exhibition “STEAL ME!” created by street artist Kiwie, is going to be held in one of the greatest event centre of Riga – KKC / Skolas street 15. There is no information about the format of this exhibition, neither how long it’s going to be held, but sure thing is – it’s going to be colorful as hell. So, don’t sit at home, be there on sunny Sunday morning 13.00. The only thing Kiwie said: “This exhibition is all about these funny feelings of almost stealing and actually stealing something, in any case you imagine how you’re gonna do it…” Kiwie is a Latvian street artist who has been doing characters for ages. Painted a lot of walls, participated in exhibitions together with other great Latvian artists and realized projects around the world such as painting the ship “Duke of Lancaster”. Now he stops in Riga, to share his stupidness with people from hometown.