LUBLIN – Ausstellung – They Call Us Vandals

Im polnischen Lublin kuratiert die BRAIN DAMAGE Galerie eine interessante Ausstellung. “They Call Us Vandals” mit Dekis, Fits, Hell, Kaos und Nug aus Schweden. Wie bereits 2007 für die Ausstellung “On Tracks” von Richard Moser und Mike Nyström in Stockholm wurde durch die 5 Künstler wieder ein altes Trainyard simuliert, mit vielen Details und natürlich Graffiti von den Künstlern!

They Call Us Vandals
Dekis, Fits, Hell, Kaos, and Nug

A European phenomenon. A breeding ground of styles. A test of character. The definition of determination. This is Swedish graffiti.

Swedish graffiti has been developing in an environment which can be described not just as “unfriendly” but in fact “hostile”. Outlawing it by the State and treating as the public enemy number one was supposed to block the development of the scene. The effect turned out to be just the opposite. The scene remained intact and became one of the most vibrant graffiti scenes in general. Swedish style has evolved and became a trademark of the entire Scandinavia. Swedish writers became internationally recognized graffiti icons. Sweden certainly became a benchmark in the history of the entire movement. Moreover, the Swedish scene had also a significant influence on the birth and evolution of graffiti in Poland.

All of this happened because of writers’ love for the subway and trains, their love for the city, their incomprehensible chase for new experience and the adrenaline that accompanies getting up. Targeted by the government, police and vandal squads, the writers prevailed.

Nobody could understand the writers’ passion. And that’s why they called them “vandals”.

We focus on space in order to show how the idea of writing one’s name can be understood. We will create objects crucial for the presentation of the essence of Swedish graffiti. We will present an array of best names and styles fully showing the variety and richness of the Northern writing.

The exhibition will not be a presentation and an overview of the Swedish graffiti scene. It must be said though that in this particular case even such an obvious formula would still make the event very interesting.

The exhibition is prepared by Dekis, Fits, Hell, Kaos, and Nug – five top and well established Swedish graffiti artists. Kaos and Nug belong to the first generation of writers from Sweden and Europe. They have been active since the 1980s, breaking the stereotypical approach to letters and setting new trends for graffiti worldwide. Dekis, Fits, and Hell belong to the second generation of Swedish writers, responsible for pushing the Scandinavian style a step further. In their works they have been going – although not entirely – beyond the borders of traditional graffiti.

We would like to dedicate this exhibition to our Lublin friend and writer Olaf 7DC (1981 – 2002). A Pole, who gave his heart to the Swedish style. A Swede, who brought Poland Swedish graffiti.

Cezary Hunkiewicz
Curator of the Exhibition
Brain Damage Gallery

Location: Męczenników Majdanka 6a, Lublin, Poland
Photos: / BD Facebook