BUCH – ‘Hello My Name Is’ Project – Online Version

HELLO MY NAME IS ist ein Projekt der RAW Crew. Das Konzept ist einfach: Jedermann konnte sich im Vorfeld das bekannte Stickerdesign herunterladen und anschliessend gestalten. Herausgekommen sind über 100 Designs von Bond, Bonzai, Boogie, Brus, Does, Kenz, Flying Förtress, Gris, Skore, Spray, Pixel Juice und vielen weiteren Künstlern. Auf den über 200 Seiten gibt´s neben den Designs auch weitere Fotos und Interviews mit den Künstlern.

The Hello My Name Is project, is the famous red and white sticker is brought to life in a full colour book, featuring local and international scale of graffit and street artists big and small, flexing there skills for everyone to see and enjoy. The challenge was to download the template from the raw website and to design anything they like, with no limitations and with any medium they wanted. By bridging this gap of art and design threw to graffiti and street art, and putting the label of vandalism behind us. Many artists in this book are artists and designers and prominently freelance in there field, with this talent they support themselves threw there art alone, by just giving it a different perspective and spin to it. I hope after reading this book you would next time take a second glance at it and don’t totally dismiss it as a mess. In the end these are everyday people like you and I trying to make a living from what they are truely passionate about.