VIDEO – MTN Diaries II – Pt.1 – Paris, Malmö & Amsterdam

Wie angekündigt und überpünktlich veröffentlichen die Spanier die MTN DIARIES Fortsetzung. Im ersten Teil (oben/30 Minuten) geht´s nach Paris, Malmö und Amsterdam. Fokus: Trainwriting. Der zweite Teil soll im Dezember kommen!

3 years after the 1st movie, The MTN Diaries saga is back. Graffiti is still on the menu, but no halls of fame and no galleries this time… Nothing but sweat, rails, chases and raw action. One word says it all: Hardcore. Part 1 takes you on a journey through Paris (France), Malmö (Sweden) and Amsterdam (Holland). Part 2 will come at the end of the year 2012 to complete the full movie. This movie is the final result; a tribute to those who experience graffiti with every fiber of their being, as an outlet or escape from daily humiliations of a society corrupt to the bone. A society in which they don’t hesitate to break the rules, in order to feel a bit more… alive. (MTN World)