NEKST – Rest In Peace

Seit Freitag (21.12.2012) wird in den Staaten um einen der aktivsten Writer der US-amerikanischen Graffitiszene getrauert. NEKST war bekannt für seine meist sehr gut platzierten und sauberen Bombings und Pieces in den Staaten, besonders in New York, Detroit, Miami, San Francisco und seiner Heimat Houston. Er war Mitglied der IRAK Crew, der MSK, der D30 und den DTEES. Über die Umstände seines Todes wird von seinem Bruder und seiner Famiie derzeit keine Auskunft gegeben. Noch im Oktober 2012 hat NEKST für 1 TIME RUN ein Interview gegeben, in dem er die Frage “If you could collaborate with any deceased artists who would it be and why?” mit “Dash Snow, because I miss him.” beantwortet. Rest in Peace NEKST!

Around this time 5 years ago, at almost exactly this time, I got a call from Sean that he was stuck at Dulles airport for the night, on a connecting flight back to Texas for the holidays. He wanted to see if I wanted to have dinner. The airport is a ways outside of DC, the weather was bad and I was getting ready to head home to see my family. I almost said no since I was cuddled up with my brand new girl, who is now my wife, but felt bad about his situation and told him to give me an hour or two and I’d meet up. When I got out there, we drove around trying to find a proper steakhouse, but ended up back at his hotel’s restaurant. We had the place to ourselves. This night struck me because we talked about the most random stuff for an hour and a half before even catching up on friends and graff like we usually would. We finished dinner with a bottle of champagne, went outside and had a cigarette and it started snowing. I’ve had many wild times with him, both before and after that evening, but I cherish this peaceful time we shared the most. (Con)

Another prominent member of our culture has left us too soon. Nekst was the type of writer I would like to be if I were still active today. He like too few others kept the spirit of bombing alive in the almost forgotten rebellious , balls to the wall, illegal fashion that the culture was founded on. He went hard for big prominent spots in multiple cities. His work was big and clean and had great impact. He was a loyal stand-up guy to his friends. He was loved by those who knew him and his untimely passing leaves a mountain of grief to those lucky enough to have painted with him or been his friend. My condolences to his brother, extended family, friends and fellow crew members. (Terror 161)

it’s a real shame to see friends continuing to pass away so early. Nekst was a straight up dude with a savage attitude when it came to painting and life in general. He will be missed by many. Rest in peace…(Rime)

To be successful in this crazy world, a person needs to have talent and determination. Some individuals exhibit natural talent, but are limited by their lack of drive. Others are blessed with a sense of purpose and a strong work ethic, but lack the talent that is required to achieve those goals. To have both is a gift that is reserved for only the most special examples of humanity. And now, one of those special ones has passed on. His name was Nekst. He was the most successful Houston artist that most outside of the graffiti world have never heard of. His style was bold. “My work has always been about scale and visibility” he once stated in an interview. For each of his pieces, his choice of structure, colors, size, and location was always meticulously planned, legible, and in high traffic areas. In the graffiti world, there is a status pyramid. At the bottom you have the Toys, beginners to graffiti who have not yet earned respect nor established their art or name beyond a fundamental/ amateur level. At the top, you have the Kings, who have established themselves as the best of the best through years of hard work, determination, talent, and aligning themselves with other great graffiti writers. Nekst was an All-City King. Everywhere he went, he did it big and owned the city with his graffiti. He started here in Houston. His crew here is/was DTS (Def Threats). He went on to New York City, but also hit New Orleans, San Francisco, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, and many other great cities along the way. He became part of the MSK crew (Mad Society Kings), which includes some of the best and most notorious graffiti artists in the world. He began writing his name as Next in 1996, then evolved to Nekst.Perhaps his best and most traditionally artistic work was done during a six month detention in a Dallas area prison, during which he drew dozens of touching and contemplative portraits of his fellow prison inmates with simple pencil and paper. We offer our condolences to his family and crew. May he forever rest in peace. (Marco Torres/

NEXST R.I.P. Tribute (UD/06/01/13)